Multiple Character Training Offer 2018
Offer until downtime on Saturday.

The same as last year, I reckon: Multiple Character Training Offer

One question: Is it possible to apply the additional mct month also to Toon 2 or is the additional training queue only for the third character?

It’s more than likely only for 3rd queue

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woah, ISDs are still alive, how is working for Pearl Abyss ??? Did your paycheck increased? What did you get from those 425 000 000 $ ??? You got your share?

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Do you actually know what an ISD is?


This offer applies to Toons 2 AND 3, it allows you to train all THREE of your characters at the same time.
Also if you already have a additional skill queue open it adds the left over time on.

That’s clear, I get 2 for the price of 1, but can’t allocate these 2 at free will (e.g. sell or give both to the same toon), I presume.
Regarding the redeeming mechanics, that’s odd, normally you can redeem those items to every toon in your account. So I would be happy about a clarification or confirmation - and I wonder btw how they solved that.

Edit: Tried it, there’s nothing to redeem, they just apply two additional queues, even if you don’t have a third character…


Thanks for taking one for the team, Boldly Gone.

Now if Someone would sticky this so the poor saps who are on the mailing list don’t get taken in (once again) by CCP’s shady marketing practices.

Dumbass. ISD are volunteers.

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So they are eating â– â– â– â–  for nothing, :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Hilmar eat â– â– â– â–  20 years but at least he got 30 000 000 $

They automatically apply to the other 2 character slots.


You can submit a ticket and ask a GM to combine the two extra multiple character training queues into one. I.e. you get 2 months of another, queue, instead of 2 queues of a month each.

Ive done it before.

I created a third toon and skill PI, probably that’s what they want :slight_smile: Sounds a bit like “EVE Farmville”
MCT price (in ISK) is rising, 15% in 20 days…

In other words, their pay just got raised by 1000% and stayed exactly the same.

They are not rising, they are going back to what they were a bank year ago. MTC went down in price due to CCP offering them for free in certain packages. Now those packages are gone, so naturally, they go back to their original prices.

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