Multi Character Training Special

Anybody know if you can purchase the MCT deal currently running through the 17th multiple times for the same account? Basically adding 60 days of MCT to the same account instead of just 30 days?

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Technically when you buy it you supposedly get an Item, because people can sell it on the market. Now if you use it on top of what you got active already it will Extend the time for the slot you want to do so.

So this is a 2 for 1 deal, buy one, get two.

Special offers
2-for-1 Multiple Character Training

A special offer for multiple character training (MCT)

Buy one MCT, get one for free
Train all three characters on your account
Purchase the offer as many times you want
Available only between 15 - 17 September

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I am pretty sure you DONT get an item when you pay with cash. Only when you buy it with a plex.


Thanks for the info all. And Nerdz is correct - you don’t get an item you just get the ability to start training on your other toons.


What if you don’t want to train the third slot, just the second?

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Then you get no benefit from the promo. It’s like getting free fries with a pizza and you don’t like fries. The restaurant does not really gives a damn because that’s their promo.


Doesn’t sound appealing to me, €20 for 2 additional queues on the same account? I liked the version where they gave a second queue for extending the subscription.

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Just bought a MCT with PLEX… did not get any additional item and it would not let me activate the third slot. So not sure what is going on… is this a cash only deal?

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The offer is “Buy 1 MCT with cash (ie for $19.99) and get one free for your 3rd character slot on that account”, not “Activate a MCT and have it apply to two accounts”. It is rather strongly implied that you have to pay cash, not isk, for this one.


Its not strongly implied at all…

On the launcher:
"Train all characters 2 for 1 MCT until 17 sep"
Clicking the link:
“Limited to this weekend only, you can activate an additional skill queue when you buy Multiple Character Training, giving you the ability to train all three characters on an account simultaneously*”

Nothing implies that buying an Certificate with PLEX would not apply. A simple “This offer only applies to cash purchases” would have sufficed on the link.


Marketing feedback for CCP:

A double-length MCT would have been an instant purchase on two accounts. Forcing three active streams… maybe one. The second would be a hard sell since my other Omega account only has two characters on it.

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Sorry, I guess we get our info from different sources. What I read was:

“You can activate training across all 3 characters on your account with this limited time 2 for 1 Multiple Character Training (MCT) offer, expiring 17 September, for $19.95.”

“1 MCT offer”, ie the promotion, “for $19.95” the cash price you have to pay. I agree that your sources are misleading.

Generally though, they already sold the items that are in game, so why would they make them better? They want to sell us more, so they make a promotion on something you have to buy now.

I’m sorry you got tricked.

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Blockquote I’m sorry you got tricked.

CCP, the original scammers

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Look at this offer, good value gives you what I think you’re looking for…

Humble Bundle half price offer

What you get

With 650 PLEX, 30 days of Omega Clone state time and 1 MCT (Multiple Character Training), you can progress rapidly in skill training and piloting some of EVE’s best ships. You can also enjoy 8 unique ship SKINs and 8 pieces of character apparel.

30 days of Omega Clone State time
1 MCT (Multiple Character Training)
650 PLEX
8 unique ship SKINs
4 male and 4 female apparel pieces.

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You can only use this type of offer only once per account. But it is a pretty good deal.

Has anyone actually bought this MCT special and knows 1st hand how it works? Or tried using an MCT they already have?

It sounds like it’s targeted towards people running SP farms.


purchase MCT through the website for ~20 dollars and it activates training on both slots. using already purchased MCT does nothing extra.

its a good deal for SP farmers yes, but its also useful for people wanting to set up PI alts, cyno alts, etc.


I run 3 accounts - I purchased two of the MCT packages for 2 of the 3 accounts and now have 7 characters training for 30 days across the 3 accounts.

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Yeah, that’s actually a good deal. Thanks for posting it.

Normal fee for 500 plex is $19.95
Normal fee for MCT is 500 plex or $19.95
Normal fee for 30 days Omega status is $14.95
8 ship skins and 8 apparel items = $$$

And there’s 4 days left to get that deal which gets applied to an Alpha account.

Yeah, definitely a good deal.