Q on Multi Character Training

Greetings and salutations,
I’m looking at getting a pack of multi character training certificates to use across my various accounts.
I notice the ones you get for plex through the NES ingame are tagged “cannot be traded”.
Are the ones you can get for direct cash off the website tradeable?
Or do I need to purchase them on the account i wish to use them?
Can you remote activate mcts?
Thanks in advance.

Nope. Learned that the hard way. They added a blurb about the ones on the website too after a few people asked for refunds.

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So, I’d have to buy them individually on each account I wish to use them on?
What’s with the ones listed on the Jita market? Old versions filtering out?

Yeah, from like special packs and stuff.


Please do a cost comparison both in game for Plex and out of game for cash.

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