Bought the 3 month + 3x MCTP offer sale - didnt get the MCTP?

Hey guys so I just bought the 3 months sub + 3x MCTP offer, but I didnt get any MCTP?

Does anyone know where do I reclaim them?


PS: theyre not in reclaim items PS2: tried to relog many times PS3: waiting for 4 hours!

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bottom left side near corner there should be a box like symbol glowing click it son click it

You don’t get certificates. You just extended an alt character’s training time by 3 months. Works the same as last time.

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You should be able to select a second character on the account and start training skills.

Also I haven’t really checked it out but I believe the special MCTP offer allows the second character to train for 3 months instead of the normal 1 month time length.

When I bought the MCT package it extended the time for an alt character that I was already training. It didn’t give me an option to extend the time of a second character. I don’t think it’s implemented very well. The acronyms are a bit confused as well. We have the MCT which is Multiple Character Training. In the New Eden store we have MPTC which is Multiple Pilot Training Certificate. So the “C” in these acronyms is either Character or Certificate. I don’t think it should be that way.

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