Bought the 3 month Omega and 3 month MCT and cannot find the MCT

…subject says it all. I cannot see how to activate the MCT for a char…

The 3 Months of MCT is immediately applied to your account.

The MCT applies automatically to the second character slot on your account. If you want it to apply to the third slot (which only matters if you already have a cert running on the second slot), you will need to submit a support ticket to ask CCP to shift it to the third slot. As soon as it has been purchased, you can begin/resume training on a second character’s skill queue. When it exhausts, the in-training character with the lowest number of skill points will pause training until you re-up the MCT or pause your other character and select to continue the lower-SP character’s queue.

It does not grant a tradeable training certificate object - those are only purchasable in the NES for PLEX, not directly for cash. Subscription-based MCT (Multiple Character Training) and NES-based MPTC (Multiple Pilot Training Certificate) are different things, acquired and redeemed in different ways.


thank you to save me fifty bucks now people know not to buy this package

I routinely buy this package, because I have my two favorite characters on one account and this makes managing them cheaper, so to each their own. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you. CCP runs PLEX sales pretty regularly for those who prefer to buy PLEX vs a sub.

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