MCT from 3 month omega + MCT bundle not activating


I have an omega account with an active MCT (Multi character training) for my second char until July 1st.

Now today I bought the current 3 month omega + 3 month MCT 50% off package. After purchase, the omega time was extended by 3 months correctly. But the 3 month MCT is not available. On my second char, the old MCT is still active until July 1st. My third char can not activate the skill queue, because the game says it requires an additional MCT (which I now should have through the purchased pack). I even looked in redemption queue and inventories of all my chars. Nothing.

How can I activate the 3 month MCT?

The 3 additional month should automatically apply to the 2nd character slot. If it did not, you need to submit a support ticket and include the purchase order information - people on the forum cannot fix that erro, unfortunately.

It took a full day for the purchase to show up on my in-game account.

OK, thanks for the replies. I already created a support ticket 5 hours ago. I just wanted to make sure that I don’t miss any fancy procedure that is required to get the MCT :grin:

So, after about two days, the support could solve the issue. It seems that there was a problem with the already active mct queue preventing to automatically put the new mct time on top. Everything’s fine now and I also got some extra time to compensate the lost day. Great support!

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