MCT Deal

I cannot find precise language on what the recent 3M+3MCT deal entails. Do you get 3 MCT certificates or do you activate a single character’s queue for the full 3 months like a subcription?

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If it’s the same as the previous time you get 3 months of normal omega and 3 MCT in your redeem, which can be applied whenever you want. You could use all 3 on a single character or split them between 2, up to you.

DO note that redeeming one or more MCT means they activate on that account. You do NOT get them as ingame items for you to sell or trade to another account.


I still have a certificate in my redeem queue from last time, I wonder what happens if I activate now that my omega is due to expire tomorrow.?

Afaik if the account isnt Omega it doesnt apply Omega to the account like it used to it just expires with the account. Not sure if you Omega again it still applies after that but I had a rude shock once when my omega expired and it went with it.

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