3 months omega and 6 Multiple

I can’t redeem the MCT into my hanger??? Am i missing something? Nowhere does it state on the store page these items are redeemable only for paid account.

Most of their MCT deals are account bound sales so doesnt surprise me in the slightest and yeah they dont mention whether its account bound or sellable on the market.

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Doesn’t surprise you in the slightest?.. May I ask where does it state on the store page that these items are account bound? Or, is it because it doesn’t surprise you there shouldn’t be any mention of this on the page?

Just as an aside, but still related. I bought the one month offer and accidentally put both MCTs on one instead of the two characters. Of course I put in a ticket.

So I started a pool with my alts to see how long it will take for a reply. One said a couple of hours (He lost) while another said sometime after the month is up. I put a hundred ISKies on two weeks.

Tick tock, CCP. Tick tock.

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It is account bound.

You can only activate on the account you bought it on, so only the other characters in that same account can make use of it. It is also in the text.

Significantly advance skill training potential across your characters and get closer to your goals by training skills on multiple characters on your account simultaneously.

Many moons ago you could put in your inventory and sell it on the market. But that was changed alongside the whole Omega and Alpha thing as only an Omega account can use MCT.

Not to sure where Eternus confusion is either. If I am logged in with X account and buy something that states you train skills on other chars on your account I am not going to suddenly expect it will work on a different account. I mean it even states on the MCT page that it cannot be traded.


What does that have to do with anything? Are you supposed to look up MCT when buying a special offer that explicitly doesn’t say that? What’s next? Are you going to suggest that it’s on the EVE Wiki so it’s fine that they are intentionally vague in the ad copy?

Never took you for a CCP apologist.

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I wondered about the same thing a while ago. But then, were do the MCTs come from that are in the market?

It would help if players made themselves aware of where they could or couldn’t use things when buying them.

Plus what type of account they could be used on, ie: Omega or Alpha.


Train more characters to grow your influence in New Eden! MCT lets you skill up an alternative character with ease. Activate one or more certificates to get up to two more skill queues per account! MCT cannot be traded and may only be used by active Omega accounts."

It’s on the front page.

It would help if that same qualifying statement you quoted was on the special offer.

One way to have new players quit is by being a weasel when it comes to ad copy. If CCP were honest advertisers (and they NEVER have been since I started in 2006), newbies wouldn’t feel like they were dealing with a dishonest company right from the get and bolt as soon as their time ran out.

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I can read. Not going to pretend it says anything different just to make it fit into somebody else narrative just because they are to lazy read or have an agenda.

I am well capable of disliking somebody or something and be objective.

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It’s not stated anywhere on the offer that it’s limited to that account, this has been an ongoing issue since the moment they made it account only.

Defending this practise is indefensible, especially because the solution is so extremely easy it’s just painful. Just add “notice: these MCT are account bound and can not be traded in any way”. That’s all it takes to avoid this nonsense.

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I dunno,

When it says it is none transferable that automatically means it cannot be used on another account.

But I get it… we live in age where things like “Dish washer pods are not edible” is needed on containers. So it would be beneficial for CCP to add in the description can only be used on the account buying this product.


Where does it say that? I couldn’t find it, I might genuinely have missed it but it’s not there afaik and it’s certainly not obvious.

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Yes it is, I posted it above.


I had more respect for Kane back when he kept his mouth shut and just wardecced the people whose posts he didn’t like.

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Show me where, point it out and assume I’m stupid.

Nah, perhaps it was stated in an earlier sale and he hasn’t checked this one, or someone told him it was or… it’s actually stated somewhere and we can’t find it.

Also, any excuse for a wardec is a good excuse.

MCT cannot be traded. I assumed that meant only the account ordering could use it, others might translate it differently I suppose.

how about contracted. Also, it shows this in the normal MCT sale window but NOT in the current MCT offers. Pretty much no one checks or cares for the normal MCT sales (I’d hope so at least), it’s the occasional offers that bring people in, it’s not stated there.

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Traded/Contracted a different word for more or less the same thing.

Debatable but still, this is stated in the normal MCT store page, NOT in the current offer page. If they can do it in one they can do it in the other and a customer shouldn’t have to back track for the small print on some other page of a store.

Stop making excuses for terrible behaviour, especially if (at this point) it’s not a fluke.