MCT fizzled and ccp support is sleeping

I popped an MCT from my redemption queue on a new char. I only got 1.5h time out of it, not 30d. Got a support ticket up and no damn reaction. nothing.

Give it time. They arent gonna answer you right away

Is your main omega or did the account fall into alpha?

That was my biggest problem with the last MCT deal it had much more MCT time than omega time so you will eventually fall into alpha if you don’t top it up and then the MCT ticks away but does nothing.

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MCT has always been a joke.

Who else remembers, not long ago, when MCT was $20 but you could just sub a second account for $15… and those 2 accounts could be online simultaneously… LOL! Did they do math or was there some sort of crazy tear in the space time continuum I just missed?

Also, all 3 slots should be able to skill at the same time. It would generate so much more engagement. The draw back obviously being you can only have one of the 3 logged in at a time.


Yeah. Some of us are dumb. I have 4 accts with 3 chars each. If I had any working, non-impetuous brain cells I’d have 12 accts with 1 char each.