3M MCT + 3M OMEGA when already having 2 characters training on the account

If I already have 2 characters training on my account can I choose to add the 3 months MCT on the second character ? I don’t want to train the 3rd

It always goes just to the second slot.

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If it didnt, you can petition Support to have it changed. Can confirm ive done this before.


Can anyone confirm it DOES go to the 2nd toon before I drop any cash on this?

Since you can petition to move it, you should be fine. If you only have the 2nd slot open and not the third, it will def go to 2nd.

Well it looks awkward on my side: 3 month of omega has been added but i have no 3x MCT time on my 2nd slot at all?

If it didn’t allocate, open a support ticket - make sure to include the purchase order details from your transaction history.

Mine loaded just fine, so not sure what went wonky with yours.

Follow up: based on comments elsewhere, if you bought while logged in, in-game pilots services menu may not reflect the change until you re-log, but the online listing at secure.eveonline.com for MCT should refresh in real-time. If the MCT page doesn’t show it, maybe try a relog and cache clear on the website to refresh (in case of cookie issues) and then ticket if still not there.

So Does that Change my Billing for My Omega account for the next 3 months? Or do I still get charge for 3 months of billing then monthly billing ? That it how it reads I pay 49 for 3m and still pay my Monthly Omega account? Cause I just paid the monthly for next mouth . So do I get refunded or just another month added . Confusing there are no details before you purchase.

It will not start to auto-bill you until you are on your last month.

So I will just get a 4th Month with 1 (Main) character before Im Auto billed again?

What bad time to do the sale at the end of month LOL

People dont always subscribe and begin playing at the end of the month, a lot of people play and subscribe in the middle or beginning of the month.

Infact, you can subscribe at any point during a month.

It will convert you to 3 month subscription renewal at the standard 3 month cost. You can immediately cancel auto renew, or change it to your desired renewal frequency, from the Account Info page.

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