3M MCT + 3M OMEGA offer after enabline a MPTC two weeks ago

Hello CCP and fellow capsuleers!

I’m interested in buying the 3M MCT + 3M OMEGA but I had just enabled a MPTC a couple weeks ago.

The account is Omega status and if I understand correctly, the 3M MCT will simply activate the third slot for three months. Once the MPTC runs out around April 3rd I’ll drop back to two active training slots.

Do I have this correct?

Thanks in advance for answers!


Thats what it looks like. Looks as though it will activate on the 3rd character, or it could add on to the second character too. doesn’t really specify, just says adds training time to a character that is not the main… While it does activate automagically, you could probably give it the choice of either 2nd or 3rd character on the account.

If it does activate a 3rd queue, put in a support ticket and say you want the time added to your second training queue. I’m sure they’ll take care of you.

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I have got in on this last night. The billing went thru right away giving me the 3 months omega but it took 12 hours for the MCT to be added to my account. The system automatically added it to my second training character (I wanted to do the 3rd which was not training). It did not ask me which one of my alts I wanted to train.

I opened a ticket a few hours ago. Hopefully it wont be a problem switching the MCT from character in slot#2 to character in slot#3

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