Ok guess this lands here

Am I reading this correctly

3 months multiple characters training AND 3 months Omega, this seems suspiciously too good.

Well, they aren’t going to bait and switch, so it is a pretty good deal.

K, I just thought I must be reading it wrong, cause 3+3 seems too good, ima gonna get it, but I’m done, with the post.

Just to be clear, you won’t be betting MPTC’s that can be traded on the in-game market. Instead, it will automatically allow skill training on another character on the account that purchases it. It is still a good deal regardless.

Yup, that’s normal.

Yeah, just making sure. There’s been more than a few guys who’ve complained in the past.

You are reading this correctly. CCP has run this sale quarterly since January 2020, and it seems to be doing well. It’s a pretty good deal for anyone who needs to train up a second character on a single Omega account (like an industry or market alt).

May be this is CCP’s way to encourage more players to buy OMEGA time using RL currency. They should improve this way of marketing than Nerfing a lot things in the game. For Example: If you purchase 1 years Omega time using RL currency you will get 1 Free 10 run Marauder BPC’s or If you purchase 3 years Omega time using RL currency You will Get 1 Free titan with insurance.

Getting one start developing another char with the prospect of them not wanting to drop it so keep buying MCT later on

I’ve been waiting for this deal for a while now. It’s as good as you hope it is.

In my case to make a fresh start, ditch Xanth and begin anew now that I know more, understand where I want to be going and realise that certain goals are never going to happen.

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So thats what they call a good deal now? Glad I check these forums before I ever consider subbing again.

It is if you’re looking to train another character. Not sure why you have to be salty over it other than “I don’t play this game any more so everything is terrible”.

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That is awesome haha ty for that.

Have a great day as I spread the love and expose the farce of CCPs monetization strategies to the 5 people that read these forums.

If you want your alts on your omega account to have useful skills, this is a great deal!

I’ve used it in the past to get PI skills on my alts, to make a mining alt and now got it again to turn one of them into a decent hauler.

First hit is free

Three months of this “omega” (actual subscription) is $45. So, the remaining $3.85 for training alts? Yeah, it’s a deal. But, how good? Doesn’t impress me much. Did it really impress YOU?

Impress me? No. Acceptable price point for me for 2nd slot training? Yes, with the understanding that I pay for my Omega subs in cash already and find the 3-month sub price point totally justifiable compared to the enjoyment I get in that time. $10 extra bucks a quarter to build up my 2nd character - for play utility or stockpiling SP for possible future extraction as backup money - is an acceptable return on my money in the context of the gameplay I get out of it.

My personal rule for entertainment expense is the ‘movie ticket price per hour’ rule. In my area, a non-matinee ticket for a 2 hour movie at the theater is $15 USD. That makes an hour of entertainment cost $7.50 USD. If I get at least two hours of enjoyment from EVE in a month, I have had as much fun as going to a movie for the same price - and with EVE being available all month long, I have a good chance of getting a couple of roams in to get my 2 hours in any given month.

Same idea applied to services like Kindle Unlimited, Netflix, Disney+, etc., makes it a lot easier to determine if a subscription-based service is ‘worth it’ for my situation. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s a decent starting point to building a healthy value assessment for entertainment. It’s also adjustable to your preferences - if you only go to the movies at matinee prices, or on discount days, so tickets are $7, 1 hour of entertainment is $3.50, and you would need EVE to give you 4 hours of entertainment to have the subscription cost ‘pay off’ from an enjoyment perspective.


You and me both. It’s one of the few sales offered by PA/CCP that’s not a total sham.

I always grab one or two when it comes up.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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