How often do these MCT sales happen?

I’m looking to skill up an alt to use a blockade runner and some other stuff. Someone in Rookie mentioned regular sales that combine 3 months omega + 3 of those MCT.

How often do those happen and should I anticipate one in the near future? If not I’ll use the normal MCT but I’d… not be happy… If a sale suddenly shows up :slight_smile:

It’s not typically 3 MCT’s added on with 3 months of Omega… the sales are usually 3 months omega with one month of MCT (though worded like you think you are getting 3 MCT’s…

Id say every 5-6 months.

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Ah well, I guess I’ll just get one MCT then and alternate training till completion. Thank you.

You can also buy MCT with plex if you have isk for it.

yeah, I’m already converting my isk into injectors so that is indeed the plan.

This is incorrect.

CCP ran a 50% sale for a bundle of 3 months (90 days) of Omega + 3 months (90 days) of MCT on a quarterly basis in 2020:

2020-03-19 to 2020-03-24

2020-06-24 to 2020-06-29

2020-09-30 to 2020-10-05

2020-12-23 to 2021-01-04

Whether these sales will return for 2021 is unknown; they may be a new staple of CCP’s marketing, or a one-year campaign.


In that case I’ll wait it out, thank you.

Happy to assist.

To avoid confusion if it does come around:
this is not a package of three Multiple Pilot Training Certificate objects that can be traded in-game; it is automatic application of 90 days of multiple character training capability on the second training slot of the account that makes the purchase. It cannot be sent to a separate account from the Omega subscription it is paired with.

However, you can have the 90 days moved to the third training slot if the second is already active (such as through previous use of an MPTC bought off the NES or from other players via the market) - but you have to open a support ticket right after the purchase to make this request, and a GM must then manually move it to the third slot so you can train all three character slots on the Omega account at once. You cannot have it split between the second and third slots - it must all apply to a single slot.

All standard restrictions on multiple pilot training apply from there (account must remain Omega to train multiple slots; when a training slot expires, the character in training with the lowest current SP value will pause training automatically; etc.)

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Yeah, Someone told me a MCT sale was possibly coming up, but I couldn’t wait. Bought it two days ago. $20. Ouch. Better not be a sale soon lol. What I’m really waiting for are yearly omega sales. :slight_smile:


Nice overview: News | EVE Online
This one made me creating a third char for the first time: 2-for-1 offer on Multiple Character Training | EVE Online
This toon is doing PI and killing Herons since then.


Shortly after The Hunt begins, running from 31 March to 5 April, visitors to the New Eden Store will be able to save 50% on 3 months of Omega and 3 months of Multiple Character Training (MCT), when purchasing the pair as a bundle. Omega lets you level up at twice the speed, command advanced ships, get better rewards from in-game events, access to higher tier missions, and much more besides. Meanwhile, MCT allows you to train skills on multiple characters on the same account simultaneously. Reach your goals faster with Omega and MCT together!

There you go!


YES! Finally I can train my alt.

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