Funny 50% promotion

If u dont read that yet …


Marketing words but is “free” MCT no 50%.

I am sure they have fear of people quit but this benefit mostly skill farmers and null block.

null block need alts on separate accounts not MCTs…

for PI. and multiple trainable characters in accounts. Not much use for many of us.

two second alt slots need each 15 days für PI each. no need for three MCTs at all.

Check :slight_smile:

It’s cheaper to pay for 2 omegas than 1 omega and 1 MCT.

CCP learned from / hired Jita scammers.

And was not functional in store.

That’s a pretty trash deal: the usual offer is you get 3 months MCT free buying a 3 months sub, while this time it seems they summed up the prices of 3 months sub and 3 MCTs and divided by half. TLDR: it’s 10 euros more than the usual price. ■■■■ this ■■■■.

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speak for yourself, child. it’s not ccp’s fault you don’t know how to use or take advantage of these.

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I’d take a 50% off deal on 𝟞 𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕙𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕆𝕞𝕖𝕘𝕒 but the MCT blows chunks IMO.

That’s if you want to be stuck with lvl 4 PI skills. Those extra MCTs mean you get more planets and more extractor heads on your PI alts, pretty useful if you ask me.

May not be much use for you, but I’ve made nice use of the previous MCT promo to get some more skills on the mining alt on my main account.

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This is a prime example of the toxicity that Pearl Abyss has brought.

This training slot is activated as soon as you purchase this offer

You don’t get 3 MCTs to sell on the market. Just like the daily skins and boosters. They are like Bind on Pickup in WoW. I thought the market was how Eve Online differentiated itself in the gaming world.

Now **** (stuff) is just shoved down our throats. The MCT gets auto-applied to your account and you can’t sell it.



Well yea, they’re trying to make you buy this promo to use the MCT, not to crash the MCT market.

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3 Omegas would be cheaper. The ONLY incentive for anyone to buy this at $50 or $99 is selling the MCT certs, which you won’t get. You get negative value even at $50.

No, the main incentive for anyone to buy this is because they were planning to buy MCT anyway and can now have those in addition to Omega time for half price.

Somehow it seems like ‘MCT’ means ‘something to sell’ in your reasoning. It’s also a consumable and a pretty useful one in some cases. This promotion is for the people who want to use the MCT, not sell it.


Yeah, the cost of MCT makes zero sense - save $5 a month on another Omega.

Though, 3 months of MCT is actually handy for me right now, have some alts that need some work without stalling the mains. I’m good with it.

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3 Omegas would be cheaper. 3 omegas and 3 months of MCT would be more expensive. I think thats the point. Youre getting 3 months of MCT for 10 dollars, on top of your regular 3 months of omega for 38 dollars.

Thats close to 60 dollars of MCT, for only 10 dollars.

This deal may only be suitable for specific people with specific purposes, sure. But its still a deal and it still does have quite a lot of value.


60 bucks worth of MCT for only 10 dollars? Yeah, makes no sense at all. Its almost as if its a special deal.


I met in general that MCT is $20, whereas Omega is $15.

Well they’re different products, not strange that they have different prices.

You do know why MCTs are more expensive, right?

When your MCT expires, you will still be able to access that character and enjoy the full benefits of Omega, while your main is being subbed.

If you have an alt, then no, once your Omega expires, you can no longer access and enjoy the full benefits of Omega, unless you pay.