I was a bit out of EVE for a while but yesterday i saw ObsidianAnt YT video about new MCT changes…
My math isn’t strong enough but i did some calculation.
2 year omega plan - 270.99$
2 year MCT plan - 379$

Account + MCT
pros: ???
cons: only 1 charachter can be active, need to login/logout for cross-charatcer comms (trade, contracts, whatever else)

Account + another account
pros: can use 2 windows at same time, simple cross-charatcer comms, no need to login/logout at all, 108$ cheaper compare to Account + MCT.
cons: ???

For every x3 2-year account + account plan i can buy an additional account and 53$ will remain for burges and cola. Compare to x3 2-year account + MCT plan.
What a beatiful deal CCP. Thank you very very much!!!
You save me 108$ :pray: :pray: :pray:


Unless you have a plan for using MCT like starting PI characters or doing some diverse stuff that requires unique and specialized characters trained at the same time or doing some skill farming.

Buying MCT is honestly the most wasteful purchase anyone can make in EVE. As MCT is so niche and so expensive you might as well buy a month’s omega.

Happy people are doing the math!

I watched the video too, i think he nailed the real reason. More subs = more ‘players’ so this hides the decline a little bit. They dont want you to use the MCT they want more unique omega accounts. The benefits for the actual players are a non-factor for CCP.


As the MCT offer is bad comparing to two accounts, I dont think they have in mind CCP own benefits either.

They just want to sell more stuff.

Where is company that thinks of players? What they want, new spaceships, redesigns of old ones, new things to do, to use. Evolution of game mechanics maybe?

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3 skill queues for the price of 2 subs

What are you complaining about?

You need about ~2-3 month to train potent PI alt and there is 2 month of omega already cheaper than 2 month of MCT.

Right here, the problem why you all don’t understand MCT.

How can you be so bad at reading?

MTC opens only one skill queue. Not two. Currently multiple MTC’s cost more than same amount of omega time and don’t have any benefits of second account

The benefit comes from the fact that you can gain 8100 sp/h on one sub (omega, remaped, +5 implants, no accelerators), compared to 2700 sp/h without mct

Go read up on game mechanics before you start ■■■■ posting

You’re fresh newcomer or a troll in case of your words.

MCT not accumulate training speed.
No matter - 3 separate account or single with 2 MCT - you gain same sp/h on each character.
There is no difference would i extract SP from MCT toon or from second account.
In case that MCT worth more than omega there is no ANY single reason to buy it today.

You can get much more benefits from additional omega than just 108$ per 2 year plan.
You get 1kk SP from referal program to your second/thrid/ect. accounts.
And also get a lot of rewards to your main account for buying omega and PLEX to your alts.
+15 days of omega for each additional omega account. +1 month of omega for 5 additional accounts, 2000 PLEX for 20 and Marshal for 40.

From MCT you get nothing besides login/logout routine and it costs you 108$ more.

I hope you get the point.

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:rofl: You need to re-read how it works.


I hope you gonna take own advice.

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This is what happens when you simplify the game, you attract simple minded people

I’m a simple man, I’m triggered…

Well, now you become a bit complex than before.

Why would you invest in MCT if they are going to remove overtime skillpoint gathering in the near future?

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