If MCT were more reasonably priced

Just wondering if anyone agrees with me on my thoughts on this .

Why is MCT more expensive than omega

Given your sub allows you to play in omega AND train a character doesn’t MCT seem overpriced given you just get to train a character .

Surely if CCP reduced the cost to below the sub more people would take up the offer as it would actually seem to be good value relatively . You don’t get to play 2 characters at once do you so why should it be more expensive than a subs cost ?


I never understood the pricing of MCT, as having a second omega account not only is cheaper, but it allows you to play both characters at the same time.


you cannot play two characters one one account at the same time… and an MCT only allows you to train a second character on one account

True story. If it was cheaper I’d consider doing it just so I could develop another char more. I mean the only 2 peeps on my only account are just a hauler/mining alt.

They offer it at a discount every few months.

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Yes they almost give it away free when the offer is on if you buy 3 months omega , which in my mind just devalues the service as a stand alone feature even more tbh

They also have to balance MCT plex cost, with what a lower price might do for SP farmers


Don’t think that justifies it being more than omega . Surely farmers would buy the cheapest queue if they were paying in plex or maybe you know something I don’t :thinking:

I just want to be able to have the option for a 3, 7, 14 day subscriptions for accounts! So I can activate all accounts for some weekend fun.


In the long turn it’s better for ccp to have multiple accounts because it’s more money for them and it helps with the logins. They’re not really incentivised to make MCT a logical option, it’s only us players who in specific cases see the use for it.

Surely more money is incentive enough , cater to those who don’t want to multi box but do want an extra trader / miner / hauler or whatever .

Your post was almost perfect, I removed the extra words.

You welcome.

Because usually MCT is a temporary thing.

You train a second toon to a specific place, then end its training.
It will still have the benefits of the Omega once you stop paying for the MCT.

It’s a convenience tax.

–Gadget sure pays enough of those…


Finally, I understood why MCT exists.

Very specific, but I can visualize indy people using those.

it costs more to stop character factories. If it was cheaper, people would just train 3 chars on 1 account, then sell them/transfer them to other accounts.

It also discourages SP farms. If MCT was cheaper, SP farms would destroy PLEX prices.

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As both things you mention are perfectly viable with additional omega accounts I still fail to see them as valid reasons for the increased cost .

Also I might be being dense here but why do you think more SP farms would lower plex prices ?

They would probably increase PLEX prices (in ISK value) by creating a lot of demand by SP farmers.

MCT cannot be any lower than its current value without significantly affecting the PLEX economy. And PLEX economy is why EVE’s economic model is unique and delicate with lots of parameters that need to be balanced the right way to remain sustainable.

Otherwise why care about ISK sinks and faucets at all? Other MMOs often screw up their economies in major ways with no real consequences. Not so with EVE. If you muck up the economy, you kill a very important aspect of the game that distinguishes it from other MMOs, and you may have to do some major moves like removing PLEX to keep your profits as a company - which will also drive players away.

MCT for 485 PLEX is still a good bargain for training passive ISK making skills on the 2 additional characters you get with each account. Omega state is account-wide, so applies to your additional characters even if you are not training any more skills. With PI, you can generate 300mil+ ISK per character every month if you join a corp that has access to nullsec or j-space planets, and are doing extraction > production chains; possibly more if you play the market and do factory planets. You can add similar passive ISK income with manufacturing T2 hulls/modules, doing reactions, and doing BPO research with worthwhile BPOs. Check out the market here at the forums to get an idea.

In no time will your Omega account be paying for itself with these passive income sources. That’s why you do MCT for a while.

Now that makes more sense now you explained the ‘passive income’ aspect . Thanks

CCP’s 1/4 income would like a word.

Here is a quick outline of why any feature or development occurs.

Does development increase this 1/4’s sales? If no stop development. If yes, does development increase 4 1/4 sales? If no stop development.

A weekend subscription would be terminal for pcu and 1/4 so will never happen.

Anyhow we are space rich, so just set a good skill plan on any char on the account and extract to obtain weekday refund of sorts

Yeah I know it’s like that for most part, for me however it’s the opposite, they lose out on me paying for accounts because I don’t want to justify the cost for a fleet of accounts that will only be used for 3 days, so rather than me paying 10 accounts for a week, I pay zero.

But I agree that the net overall is probably bad for them if they were to offer it, just a shame that there’s no option but to waste subscription time. I’d pay a year if I could pause/resume in an instant as well rather than waste time when I don’t have time to play.