MCT versus buying another account

I know this topic has been previously been discussed but after having to deal with this I have a recommendation.

I would gladly pay 19.95 a month for an Omega account + 1 toon on that account to be trained. If you are handing out free SP to Omega’s why not allow the alt to an Omega account be trained for an additional 5 dollars?

With the current state, it is cheaper to purchase another account than to buy the MCT. I would even consider paying 9.95 for the MCT, but 19.95 plus 14.95 makes no sense or value?

  1. They want your money and arent ashamed of asking silly prices

  2. They prefer you had two accounts than two trained characters on one account

  3. They’d rather you spend isk on PLEX to fund it if the real money value seems to high

  4. They haven’t thought about it too much

  5. Any or all of the above


can you still buy the mct for isk in game ? thats cheaper and easier. personally i would rather have 2 accounts than 2 characters on one account, much more versatile.

If you pay for 2 accounts you:

  • can play both at the same time
  • need to keep paying to keep both accounts omega

If you pay for 1 account + MCT you:

  • can only play one account
  • get eventually two (or even three) omega characters for the price of one subscription

MCT is fantastic if you want to have a few useful skills on your second and third character, such as PI, industry, cyno skills or things like that. Once the training is done, you don’t need to pay for MCT anymore, yet you get multiple useful Omega characters for the price of one subscription.

Also, MCT is already cheaper than a second Omega account. With the way skill farming works, if MCT would be made any cheaper, the profits of skillfarming go with it and the plex prices will rise.


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