The pricing for the MCT bundles are too expensive vs the Omega subscription


I find the latest MCT bundle just way too overpriced, it is quite difficult to think that I will pay EUR199/12-months for a MCT while an Omega cost EUR149/12-months.

To be fair, the MCT should not cost half of the price of the Omega account if we can’t multibox the same account, I rather prefer to create new Omega accounts and benefit from multiboxing, the daily rewards, campaigns and have implicit MCT.

CCP, in this one you are certainly way off of fair pricing, this is not an interesting offer, rather feel as an abuse.




CCP is so out of touch with reality, that they gaslight themselves into a new realm of truth.


You can basically just apply this to almost every deal offered for the past 2-3 years.

Selling MCT for more than the cost of a full sub just shows how utterly clueless CCP is. They’ve gone so far into “must milk stupid players for max $$” mode they’re becoming a caricature.


Yea. This makes no sense. There’s rarely any point in MCT to begin with. Just make another account.
Alt number 2 or 3 may only get skills while the account status is free alpha as the training then becomes free anyway.

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Hey I would gladly pay (70% of that price)MCT if it means I can log on that 2nd char on the same account and only have to work with one account instead of having to remember 2 passwords and have to deal with that kinda stuff all the time.

If not then yea no point buying MCT at those prices. MCT with dual log on should still be maybe 5% cheaper than normal sub.

What does mct mean is no longer tradable? Will the certificate disappear from the market?

it costs 475(5% less) plex or something on the store and 500 for a 1 month sub.
These values should be the same ratio when it comes to online deals it makes no sense for MCT to be more expensive than monthly sub.

1 Year ago
Plex price: 2.4m
Sub price 1.2b
MCT price 1.14b

As of now:
Plex price: 3.65m
Sub price 1.825b
MCT price 1.73b

Predictions 6 months from now
Plex price: 4.2m
Sub price 2.1b
MCT price 1.95b

Predictions 1 year from now
Plex price 5m
Sub price: 2.5b
MCT price: 2.375b

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MCT (Multiple Character Training) Is a certificate you can buy with plex, or ISK and it allows for ONE ACCOUNT to train multiple characters. NOT one character training 2 skills. with 2 MCT certificates you can have all 3 characters on a single account training their 1 skill at a time.

For example, Account A has 1 MCT active. You already get to train 1 character on account A by default. MCT allows you to train 1 additional character with 1 certificate active. So, a person would need 2 certificates to train all 3 characters on a single account.

MCT is honestly very niche. It is pretty useful if you want to get PI accounts up and running or skill farming but really beyond that spending that ISK and subbing A SECOND account is more value. CCP has been pushing for more accounts over MCT anyways. MCT is not going to disappear from the market to answer your question. OP is talking about the usual deal ccp runs about omega + MCT.

I would not recommend anyone to get MCT anyways it’s a waste of isk/plex/$$$ in my humble opinion.

If it doesn’t seem to make sense then just don’t buy it. Not everything is meant for you, not everything is about you.

MCT has lots of good uses, there are lots of good reasons to have all 3 characters trained up. Just because you dont see it or its not useful to you doesn’t mean others wont like it.

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I get that it’s important to you to spend the majority of your forum posts mocking other players and their opinions. I surely wouldn’t want to detract from this simple pleasure for you.

However I think that in your rush to sneer, you may have missed the point. It isn’t that MCT isn’t useful or doesn’t have applications. The thread is about the fact that it seems odd, since MCT only delivers a fraction of the value of an Omega account, to charge more for MCT than for a full Omega sub.

It’s entirely possible that CCP did this on purpose, so they can later put them ‘on sale’ and still charge a hefty premium for them. To the typical consumer it would seem to be an odd marketing maneuver.

It’s a bit like selling a bike for $500, and then charging $600 for the little trailer to pull along behind it.


Aisha, I will have to counter your comment, no offence meant. The post is not about the usefulness of the MCT, certainly they are useful, it is about the price that you pay for the benefits that you get.

Basically, and based on your comment, you are willing to pay EUR400 for two MCT certificates when two Omega accounts will cost you EUR300, which right away you can multi-train them like the MCT does, and on top of that, you have the right to multibox the accounts, add 4 additional alts, get the daily rewards and campaigns, and finally save RL and in-game money.

This is no brainer Aisha, the MCT are just overpriced for what you get.

Kezrai, you beat me to make the point.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is CCP’s ‘strategy’. Their login numbers are taking such a dive, they may strongly prefer you to create multiple accounts and log them all in rather than MCT a single account. But hey, if you’re going to insist on MCTing anyway, they’ll just make you pay through the nose for it.

It’s also a bit sad they they’re trying to frame this as “revitalized and updated MCT”. Yes CCP has been practicing doublespeak for years now but they’re kinda going over the top with this one.

(Ah, and just a side note: I don’t actually bite.)

Fair point Kezrai, yes… getting more Omega accounts joining the mass may bring more profit than just MCTing alts.

(Ah… sorry, and no worries, I have no rabies. :stuck_out_tongue: / post corrected)

They don’t. An MCTed second character will forever be free omega because the main character on that account being omega anyway. Trading characters, mission runners, PI characters, FW alts, scouts, exploration chars etc etc do not have to all be online at the same time and it’s well worth a slightly increased MCT cost to train those for that type of specific purpose, to then stop their training and enjoy their free omega capabilities.

The problem stems from shitty grind bears who’s only thought is “must multibox 37 hulks” when it comes to this subject. THEY are the ones who can’t see beyond the end of their noses and thus they go “that makes no sense”. It DOES make sense, just not for everyone and there again lies the crux: crybabies are so egocentric that if it doesn’t make sense to them then it MUST be terrible.

P.S. This shouldn’t need explaining.

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Hopefully, it comes at 50% off at the end of the month, depending if it is meant to replace the previous package that was on sale every 3 months. I know that package was a headache because it was not Multiple Pilot Training Certificates, so you had to open a ticket for a GM to split the training time on all training queue. If that deal comes with the certificates in the future, I might consider, else I’m done with these. Curent price are just ridiculous. In a sense, I’m thankful for that high price, as it is an incentive to not spend my money.

Wait, you’re SO upset that we don’t like a poor offer, that you have to throw a tantrum and call names.

The real problem here isn’t bears, it’s that many players can do at least do some basic maths and know the alternative options available to them.

Consider character transfers for example.

Omega on extra accounts now goes for the old, lower price. You come out ahead in less than 6 months of training, compared to the new MCT offer and still get to put the characters in one account.

Alternatively, if your second or third character only gets minimal training instead and you can think ahead, you spin up several alpha accounts for 5 million + 1 million unallocated SPs. In addition, you can cheaply build up more unallocated SPs from alpha injectors.

There are simply better options.

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Careful this might be interpreted as remove those better options to make this look more attractive hahaha but tbh if they did that a lot more people would leave.

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Then you can’t train omega skills. How are you going to train a PI alt with your idea, or a production one, perhaps a blockade runner alt, or a covert ops alt with maxed out scanning skills. Etc etc etc. It’s really basic logic.

As I said, just because some people don’t see the use doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Not everything needs to be about everyone.

Wrong. You CAN, just not immediately; that’s why I said “temporarily”. Those unallocated SPs do stay with your character even when it’s account status goes back to Omega.

Nope, I really do see what people use it for and I also also see they are effectively operating at a loss.

It’s nearly always some really stupid thing they use MCT for.

Like most of them, including you, keep mentioning P.I. in relation to MCT, as some sort of good thing, while that’s objectively a TERRIBLE deal.

Think about it.
You shouldn’t do PI, but IF you do it anyway, you always swap your single training queue, from the main to the PI alt, for the 2 week duration.

Logically, you should never use MCT for training PI:

1 PI is 2 weeks of training, per PI alt
2 the smallest unit of MCT is one month, so both alts can train PI
3 without the MCT, the total time increase, on all 3 skill queues combined, is 1 month
4 the topical MCT deal makes that 20 dollars
5 you effectively pay 20 dollars just to be able to start PI 1 month earlier
6 20 dollars is about in 400 PLEX, or 1.4 Billion in ISK
7 2 alts times 2 weeks of PI/alt is worth only roughly 0.1 Billion ISK

Do it anyway and you’ve effectively spent 20 dollars and hours of tedium to save about 1 dollar.

This is why you never prioritize PI.
Not, if you got anything you want train first on your main and not through MCT. Not even with the old 50% discounted MCT.