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Sure. Theres a reason why MCTs exist, though.

What most players end up doing is skilling their alt and extracting and making ISK. Which, by the way, is still a good deal. You get more by skilling 3 months of MCT and extracting on a 5 million + skillpiont toon, than you do with 10 dollars worth of plex.


Pretty much anything you use MCT for is a mistake. In nearly every situation a second omega is better in the long run.

Unless you want to make ISK off it. 3 months of MCT will get you more isk than 10 dollars worth of plex.

Did you read Solonius’ earlier responses?

There are good reasons to use MCT instead of a second Omega account. In case you want to train an Omega alt that does not need to be logged in at the same time as your main, it’s more efficient to train it with a MCT because especially in the long run you would only have to pay for one Omega subscription instead of 2 if you want to keep using your alt.

Or are you calling my PI and mining alts trained with MCT a mistake? Industrial and trading alts, if I were to make those?


Just in case anyone has missed it, this is three months after the last time they ran this. Maybe in another three months the same deal will be run for a limited time.

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How is this toxicity? Explain how this is anti-consumer. CCP runs a special, and people complain. Un-■■■■■■■-real.

Oh, and yes, I realize that CCP is in the business of making money, and this special is likely structured this way because it maximizes profit, but it’s also a good deal for players as well.

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Okay, let me break it down for all the people who think MCT’s/MPTC’s are worthless.

Individual Omega accounts are best if you need to login multiple characters at once, you plan to train the characters indefinitely, and you plan on paying cash for a subscription.

MCT’s/MPTC’s are useful if you don’t need to log in all the characters at once, and only have a finite amount of training you need done. For example, if you have one account, you can use them to create P.I. Alts, Industry Alts, and a Hauling Alt (in a non-deckable corp). And if you already have more than one account, you can do things like create additional cyno alts. For example, if you have a cap pilot and a subcap pilot, you can add two cyno alts on the subcap pilot account. And I’m sure many people can provide even more examples.

Also, do note that 2nd and 3rd character slots are useful if you plan to pay for training through isk, as MPTC’s are always cheaper than plex (they have a price ceiling of 485 plex in the NES).


Yeah, they tend to go a little over 90 days in between specials, but iirc, this is actually the 3rd one in a row that they’ve done. Of course, you can’t count on this being the new routine. Like they ran regular specials for the year leading up to the Pearl Abyss acquisition, and then stopped. Of course, I’m glad they’re doing it again, but no telling if and when they’ll stop.

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Not to mention, if you run an MCT slot on a 5 million + sp alt that you dont need to train, you can essentially make enough ISK to buy Plex for atleast 2 more months, with some spare change left over.

So essentially you are subbing for 5 months, for an extra 10 dollars.

So an extra 33 dollars for 6 months, or an extra 10 dollars for 5 months.

Pretty damn good deal if you ask me.


But only on this particular offer.

Sure, though injecting or not training on your other character for the short time you need to train the second one is more cost effective than MCT.

Yeah, if you use MCT to train them up, you’re introducing a time lag before they can be used and costing yourself more than if you just chucked a handful of injectors at them and had them effective right away.

Alternatively though you could train them (or inject them) on a new omega account, then run them as an SP farm. That way they pay for their own omega from the SP farming alone plus you gain all of the starter benefits plus additional SP and rewards during daily login events which all generates bonus income yuou wouldn;t get if they were using MCT.

No, training an alt is more efficient than injecting. Also, why should I stop training my main to train an alt? That’s what we have MCT for.

In fact, because of injectors, the SP gained on my 50M+ SP main is much more valuable than any SP trained on new alts. It would be incredibly inefficient to stop training my main for a few months to get lvl 5 PI skills on alts.

I’m not looking for running an SP farm, and I’m not looking for extra daily login event ‘rewards’ either.


If you didnt realize it, we are talking about this offer.

All of our discussions about MCT is within the context of this offer.

The OP, and several other people have come in here saying that this offer is stupid.

These guys are all against this offer, thinking its stupid. But there are loads of ways that people can get a lot of moneys worth out of this deal.

All of this is within the context of this deal.

Normally, yes, I agree, if you are just skilling up MTC for some stupid reason, then its probably worth more to just go Omega and switch training queues for that short duration of time or something.

But within the context of this deal, and within the context of the discussion at hand, this deal/offer is pretty good, to a lot of people.

Furthremore, you do realize that Scoots Choco, the person you were quoting, was talking about the offer, right?

This is still ineffective though, since you’re going to end up with less over the same time period. If you startr an MCT character you just get training, and that’s it. If you did the same on a new acount you can get a 1m SP boost if you join through various deals, you get up to 250k SP from the new account daily rewards, plus you get SP rewards on the regular dailies and any event dailies.

Then, once your alt is trained into their role assuming they have 5m SP or more, they make their own sub cost and more from farming SP alone, which means you can run them omega full time at a profit.

Sure, if you want to be inefficient.

Then why are you repsonding to my comment? I’m saying that using MCT is inefficient. If you’re happy with that because you don;t want to gain the additional profit from using omega instead, that’s fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that in the vast majority of cases, MCT is inefficient.

Training SP gives more SP for your ISK than injecting SP.

Also you’re suggesting that I stop training on my main with 50M+ SP, where SP is much more valuable on because of injector diminishing returns, to train skills on an alt that I could easily inject with full injector value?

You’re the one being inefficient here.

Sure, and in the context of this offer if you pay for your sub anyway and play to pay CCP for ISK then this is potentially a good way to do that slightly cheaper.

I’m not though. Because training also takes time and you don;t get the new account SP. I can chuck a handful of injectors onto a character now (on top of the 1m+ SP they get ayway from the new account) and have them running a full market pulling in billions a month by tomorrow. If you train on MCT the character is failry usless until their skills get to the right level. then at the end of that they are relegted to having a paused queue because using MCT for SP farming is fairly pointless.

Sure, if you want to take the minimal cost you start a new account, get omega then train them, using the starter SP to boost them into implants or to give them useful skills to use while they train.

I’m honestly not, you’re just not taking into account the time factor and you just seem to think that a new character on a new account and a new character on an old account are equal. They aren’t.

Time factor is a choice. If you want everything right now and start mining in a Rorqual right now it’s more efficient to inject into one and start mining with a head start on someone who is still training. But this means it’s not only going to cost you more ISK, but also more time.

But if you purely look at the cost to get certain skills, and don’t care that it may take some time, training will be cheaper than injecting.

Sure. And if were having a discussion for an offer of 2 for 1 Ice cream at your local ice cream parlor, and you bring up the fact that Lactose intolerant people cant eat ice cream, we are going to ask you what that has to do with what were discussing.

:rofl: Well yeah, everything is a choice. But if the character youa re making is going to be making any significant profit over the long term then it’s almost always going to be beneficial to get them started right away.

Fail. Try again.

Just typing “Fail” doesnt make it a fail. Youre getting worse and worse at arguing.


For the ‘significant profit over long term’ it barely matters if I start doing PI now or in a few weeks.