Additional Training Queue Certificate

(Wekiva Pava) #1

Search of the forums came up with nothing. But forum searches are never perfect. It’s software trying to find relevancy. Anyway…

I have bought a training certificate using plex. Okay. Where is it? It’s not in any of my character inventories, plex vault, or character screen. It’s right under my nose isn’t it? Give me a hint.

More specifically, I was expecting to see a “Multiple Pilot Training Certificate” somewhere, since this is the item I purchased using Plex, and my account has been debited in that amount of plex. Somewhere. But I can’t find it.

(Scarlett LaBlanc) #2

I have never used one, but I would think it would be in the redeeming system. That way you could redeem it onto the character you wanted training.

If you only have two characters on the account I suppose it could have auto applied to the one that did not have a training queue running. I don’t think it would work that way, but I guess it could.

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(Wekiva Pava) #3

Yeah looks like at the bottom of the screen in character select is the redeem system. saw it dragged and dropped it on my character. Thank you. Just knew it was right under my nose lol.

(Scarlett LaBlanc) #4

Your very welcome

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