Multiple pilot training in EVE portal

So I am getting back into EVE but I don’t have a computer at the moment. I found the EVE Portal app and thought cool I can at least start training up my pilots that I have until I get a new computer. So bought Omega sub, got some plex, and bought a multiple pilot training certificate with the plex on the app. Well when I try to unpause my second pilots training queue it keeps telling me I need to get a multiple pilot training certificate. So I contact the good folks at CCP and they tell me I have to log into my account on a computer to redeem the certificate that I bought using the EVE Portal app. So the whole point of this is why sell the multiple pilot training certificate on the portal app if you can’t redeem it on the app. It just seems counter intuitive to sell it on the app and not be able to use it with the app. If enough people share,like and talk about this perhaps CCP will fix this on the app. I would be willing to spend the $ for plex to buy the certificate and use it on the app till I can get a new pc running.


Did you ask them if they could activate it for you pretty sure they have the powers and if you look at it they are getting subs for zero cost so win win.

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Yes so they say you can only redeem it on client server,and they tell me plex is not meant to be used in the app. Though the app has Jita mraket place to buy and sell plex. Not to mention you can buy the MPTC with plex from the app but not use it with the app.

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