Why people buy Multiple Pilot Training Certificate and sell it to market instead of Plex?

I am looking at the market and asking me, why people buy Multiple Pilot Training Certificate and not Plex?
They buy it for real money and sell it for ISK to the market, but when they would by plex for same money, they would get more ISK, so is there a trick behind it?

They’re often included in various offers and bundles sold by CCP and their partners. The ones you see being sold on the market are probably not going to be ones bought in the NES for PLEX.

Speaking of which, another big sale was announced yesterday, so down we ago again:


Thank you for fast respond!
this loss of value …

just ridiculous such a thing, you buy twice as expensive things in the shed and next to it is at the disposable price reickened …

That is why you should do research on anything you invest in.

I should not have dangled those 1200 mptc in front of ccp… the giveaway commenced.

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