Just looking to see if someone has got a refund/exchange before

New to the game, I bought some Multi pilot tickets to sell on the market for isk. I did not know, nor did it say they are not sellable yet they are on the market. I put in a ticket asking for a refund or exchanging them for the same $$$ value in plex. I have not redeemed the certificates yet. Do yall think they will be willing to make the exchange or refund? Never delt with them before. thank you

Tbh, no idea.

In cases like this, and EVE in general, never assume anything at all. You have access to Rookie help channel and the normal help channel, asking questions there before you make decisions generally means you will make less mistakes and have less “oh crap” moments. Not going to help you now, but still.

It says on the store page for MCT that it is per account and cannot be traded.

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It is a case there was a MCT certificates that was an item that was tradeable but now the MCT ia nolonger tradeable and it is in the store description

I just looked and I do see were it says it cant be traded, for the X3 package, it does not say that on any of the other MCT packages. While I now understand that it applies to all MCT, I did not read the X3 one as I had no interest in buying it. I dont find it reasonable to have to read every item in a store, to see if something in one item, also applies to yours. Hopping they agree with me on that one. And it isnt like I want the funds back, just changed to something I was looking to buy in the first place, something that can be sold.

When you say store page, are you talking about the NES in-game or the CCP website?

Unless CCP just recently changed it, some MCT’s are still tradeable. Reason I say that is a little while ago I bought a game pack that included a MCT cert and was able to trade it to another character on a different account.

They have a habit of having different promos with different amount and type of info so some might state that sort of important info it while others might not. This is an ongoing gripe they somehow can’t seem to fix and normalise, welcome to CCP.

If you bought the set that doesn’t specifically state that it can’t be traded then you have a good point, still not sure how they will handle it though as I have no personal experience.

Its not that they can’t be traded, its that some are ‘Not tradeable’ as they are activated once redeemed from your redeem que after you purchase them

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