Buying MCT Packages - Heads Up

FYI, and maybe I was supposed to know this, but if you buy any of the MCT packages from the EvE Online store they go to your redeemable items and do not show up as physical items that can be traded in game.

Before they offered the bundles (with the discount for buying in bulk) I would always just buy PLEX, sell it in Jita and buy an MCT in game in Jita or Perimeter and then contract it to whatever toon I needed it for.

Thinking I’d be able to do the same with these packs, I bought 24 to get the biggest discount possible and was surprised to find that I can’t move them to other accounts. Fortunately I have 2 toons on this account that are using MCTs so not a big deal - but what really sucks is I need 12 MCTs to complete skill plans on other accounts but can’t take advantage of buying in bulk to get max discount - I’d have to just buy 12 or less on those accounts.

I hope CCP rethinks the way this is implemented and allows us to buy MCT in bulk and then distribute across accounts as we like.

Last note - I chatted with a GM in support and he was really helpful - offered to split them for me and move to other accounts. But no guarantee another GM would be as helpful - and a hassle.

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Prohibiting the trading of these MCT is what CCP means when they talk about “revitalizing” MCT in their announcement blog. :joy:


I haven’t had many occasions to need GM support but the few times I have, they’ve been very helpful. Glad to see that part of EVE is still working well (though as you say, you can’t depend on it).

To their credit, CCP does specifically mention the bind to account, not tradeable in their news page: Multiple Character Training Revitalized | EVE Online

Hopefully they include that blurb in the actual purchase page.

Since this particular notion of “revitalizing” MCT is a bit pathetic and sad, maybe CCP could find a way to use the “link your accounts” feature they recently pushed to allow you to distribute packaged MCT to your other linked accounts. That would make the process a little more useful and less dependent on a GM’s goodwill.

100% agreed.

From what I could see it’s not mentioned explicitly on the purchase page - and I didn’t read the news page so shame on me I guess.

Again, not a huge deal - but considering their lousy sense of awareness from a PR perspective it kinda bugs me that I can’t really take full advantage of the discounts.

It strikes me as shortsighted - like, maximize profit for the short term at the potential cost of long term revenue for those that may depend on the discount to be able to afford MCT.

I have no issue with CCP making money - in fact I hope they make it hand over fist 'cuz that’ll be good for the game. But seeing so many shortsighted things like this and the half-assed multiple account deal (where it’s still cheaper to buy in 12 or 24 month packages than the so-called discount on 1 month or 3 months) makes it hard to defend them (and I’m typically a voice in my corp against the constant CCP negativity spam.)

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