Sell Multiple Pilot Training on Market

Hi, may I ask a question is that, can I buy a multiple pilot training using PLEX, and resell it on market?

yes you can

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Really? I am confused because in the description of the multiple pilot training, it said that MPT cannot be traded, is it really means that I can’t sell it on market, or it has another meaning?

That may be if you get it through a deal. The regular item has price info, and should therefore have some market activity: Multiple Pilot Training Certificate - EVE Online Reference

The multiple pilot training certificates from the packs are NOT tradeable and will auto-apply once redeemed.

If you buy one of the MCT packs with PLEX in the NES, you also cannot trade them. I did so last week.

The MCT item on the market is from an older time, they were tradeable once, but I don’t think you can get the tradeable version anymore when you buy it from CCP in packs or in the NES.

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