Problem with Multiple Pilot Training

If you are running an MTC and go Alpha due to a billing problem, they stop the MTC because you are Alpha.

But then they don’t credit you with time on the MTC when you go back to Omega, even though you got no skills because the THEY stopped the Queue.

They just keep the time.

Punishment for accidentally going Alpha I guess.

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Yeah, the same thing happens when you forget to queue skills and you end up having an empty skill queue. Or when you accidentally pause the queue and forget to resume. You lose the time.

Why would you think MPTC would extend your Omega time?

Doesn’t say that, try reading more.


Ok I’ll try reading more thanks. Any suggestions? I like scifi

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I see where you’re coming from. But then again, this is why I think Multi Training is stupid to begin with.

It costs just as much as Omega, but it’s not actually Omega. They treat Omega status and “who can train” as separate conditions. And even though your Omega ran out, the Multi should have still applied, meaning both of your (now Alphas) could continue training anything Alpha.

I think Multi Training is a waste of money. You’re better off making an alt acct and going Omega with it instead. Then you get the perks for training, and the ability to play the character too. I kinda wish CCP would admit their flaws, and get rid of the 2 vestigial slots on each acct. Since you can only play 1 character, they should only have room for 1 character. You have to log out to access the other 2 anyway, you could just as easily log out and into another account entirely instead.

MPTC is 485 PLEX

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I would much rather have 3 characters for the price of 1 account than 3 on 3 different subscribed accounts. If you can’t understand why MPTC might be better than a second account I don’t know what to tell you.
In regards to the op, it’s pretty clearly stated on the NES that MPTC won’t continue when Omega runs out.

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Thanks for that info, I am about to go MCT as one pilot just reached 5m sp and would like to give this pilot some sp boosts each month.

The certificates are good for training into things you want quickly but aren’t important enough to train on your main account, like an interdictor pilot or whatever it may be. I do agree though that if you pay for an omega or a certificate then it should give you 30 days worth of training time independent of omega status.

Paying for Omega gives you 30 days Omega time. Paying for MPTC gives you 30 days of two active skill queues provided you are Omega in that time. MPTC is slightly less in PLEX but more in USD compared to paying for your sub. Would you rather just not have the option for a tradeable certificate and have MPT only provided through PLEX or cash ?

You just said yourself, Multi is only 15 PLEX less than going Omega again. So it’s not 3 characters for the price of one, it’s 3 characters for the price of 2.94. And if you had them on separate accts, like a GREAT many of players do (what with all the multiboxing) then you could actually use those alts if you felt like it.

As it stands, you’re practically paying for 3 accts, and only getting to use 1 character at a time. You’re cheating yourself.

Ok so if I have 2 alts on my main account just for copying blueprints do you think I would rather pay for all 3 every month or just train them up to the point I need them to be and then never have to pay for them again ?

Would I rather pay for 3 accounts for 3 cyno alts or 1 account for 3 cyno alts ? Do you see where I’m going with this? Most alts don’t need an infinite skill queue, just enough SP for their intended use

You… you do realize, they’d function the same either way? I’m not sure what you think you’re paying for?

You can have separate Alpha accts. Logging into some of them just to start a skill training or a BP cooking. And then you log out again. If they’re Alpha, they don’t cost anything.

The only difference is that if you wanted to make several of them Omega for some period of time, you could log into all 3 of them at once. If they’re on the same acct, you can’t. For instance, you cannot have a Cyno alt on the same acct as your Cap pilot. You literally cannot light a Cyno for yourself, log out, log back in again, and then Jump to the alt. But you could if they were separate.

They would only cost you 15 PLEX more for that little bit of training time. And they would be infinitely more useful to you in the long run.

Lol why am I even bothering

Your idea of ONE CHARACTER PER ACCOUNT means that you will need to pay for THREE EXTRA ACCOUNTS in order to have THREE ALTS, whereas currently you only need to pay for ONE ACCOUNT to have THREE ALTS, which likely don’t need infinite training time. Thus, the MPTC is useful if you only need your alts occasionally and don’t need all 3 logged in at all times.

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That would work and it is not like all 3 characters on the same account need to be using the MPT every month. Sometimes one of those characters needs a boost then having that extra character alt to produce 3x Large Skill Injectors inside the same multiple training month seems like the simple solution.

Like 2 can feed the main character for a month or two. (this is how I am seeing it anyhow)

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Iain M. Banks

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