Multiple Pilot Training Certificate ... $ ...?

I was going to buy some "Multiple Pilot Training Certificate"s for the first time … but I ended up realizing that in my case it would be a bad choice !!!

The only advantage of the “Multiple Pilot Training Certificate” is being able to train more than one character on the same account …
1 - It is not possible to log both characters at the same time …
2 - Only receive one campaign reward / giveaway per account …
4 - The same account only votes once for CMS …
3 - Several times CCP sells the “Omega Clone Time” at 15% discount making it cheaper than the “Multiple Pilot Training Certificate” …

The advantage of the 3 characters in the same account would be if you already trained your characters for a specific job and you don’t really need to log those 3 characters at the same time … then you can keep the 3 characters in Omega state paying only one “Omega Clone Time” per month.

As I will end up needing to log the characters at the same time it seems to me more advantageous to create more accounts than buying the “Multiple Pilot Training Certificate”.

To level things out, CCP could lower the value of the “Multiple Pilot Training Certificate” to match the “30 Day Omega Clone Time” when discounted … Or even create a new Certificate that allows you to log more than one character of the same account.

That was the conclusion I came to …
What do you think ? … Are there other factors that I don’t know about ?

each account has its own auth token if im not mistaken, so therefore you cannot log two characters on one account at the same time…now you can have multiple accounts on at the same time as long as all accounts are Omega characters.

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You are overlooking a massive advantage of MPTCs in relation to passive income: MPTCs help you max passive income skills on the other chars on the account, thereby maximizing the value of a single account even if you only actively play on one character on that account. MPTCs are far more economical both in terms of ISK/PLEX and $$$ to skill train if you want to max marketing skills (ie. trade slots), science/manufacturing, planetary interaction, etc. You may also train to a minimal extent some active-play skills for occasional use, eg. a war-immune hauler character to complement a primary nullsec -10 sec status character (assuming you cannot justify getting a second Omega account for such occasional use). Eventually you will max these skills, at which point there is no longer a use for them, but so long as there are passive income and occasional-use active skills to train, they are a great asset.

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Multiple characters on one account were great back before skill injectors and alpha clones. Nowadays, the additional character slots aren’t nearly so desirable. Another factor is that when CCP does their giveaways, you only get one item per account.


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