Any RMT sales?

Hi, are there anywehre sales again? I am asking, because the MPTC is dropping and i would buy some stuff if there are discounts now…

Gonna be another 2 weeks.

How do you know that? Or are you just trolling?

thank you! is there a monitor website, that show where to find the sales?

Last year this sale lasted until august the 4th… Of course there were no Galaxy packs last year… lmao.

i am trying to register me on this site… but they sent a none clickable verification link^^
how you did it?^^

Top right for me, could be region blocked, may not sell outside US

@Richard_Price Got a similar link and contacted support with a screenshot of the verify link in inbox explaining I couldn’t verify, they then manually verified it after a couple days.

Au tz here and got it no worries

other question… DLC mean, that i have to create a new account to get this stuff? or can i activate a code on an existing account?

You can activate the code for the DLC on an existing account if you haven’t purchased the pack previously.

i have purchased this packs some months ago, then it mean i cant activate it again?

You can only activate one Galaxy Pack (or other pack) per account. So no, you can’t activate another on the same account.

You can, of course, activate them on other accounts of yours.

Haha, thats crazy. Who the hell has more than 1 account?

And the PLEX keeps fallin, fallin.


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