Too many Galaxy Packs

I don’t want to run afoul of the rules so I’m asking here first.

I bought one too many Galaxy Packs. Does anyone know if the components (MTC, plex, etc.) can be exchanged with another character? I’m thinking I activate it on an Alpha and then transfer the goodies to an Omega.

If not, what can I do with it? Can I sell it IRL for real money? Can I sell it in game for ISK or PLEX?

Asking for info or suggestions.

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You can redeem everything on an account and transfer it over to another account, that’s fine.

The only thing you cannot transfer is the 3 month Omega gametime (unless you get a lucky GM who is willing to transfer that gametime for you via a support ticket).

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Are there Galaxy Packs on sale again?



Wow, I’m impressed. You actually posted a helpful reply with no snarky remarks.



Go ahead and Evemail me the serial numbers for the excess Galaxy Packs.

I can handle it from there.

With great power comes great responsibility. I will fall on your sword in your place, friend.


Would you give it to me for free?

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