Humble bundle

im sure this has come up many times (sorry i just want to be 100% sure i get the right answers) but with the bundles that include omega, is there just one code that you enter and get all the items for? also is there a time limit if you keep the items in the redeem window?

One code gets you everything in the pack. Eve account management > game time > activate code

I just got the galaxy pack, pretty good deal.

No idea about redeem window time limit.


Also, one pack per account. Be careful, if you already bought it, you cannot redeem a second one on the same account. You must make a new account.

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I bought one once and never got an email or any info how to redeem.
What’s the process to redeem these?

Humble will send you a code, you enter that code in to the account management page on the website and you instantly get given your shizzle :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought one the last time around and if I recall correctly, after you redeem the code you get a single item in the redeem window called the “Galaxy Pack” or whatever that has no expiry. You then redeem it, and open the ‘loot box’ in game and get all the items. The game time though is automatically applied to your account when you redeem.

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If I buy the galaxy pack, do I have a time limit to redeem it ? Or can I use the key in, let’s say a month or 2 ?

If you are thinking to wait until your omega time runs out before activating more you don’t have to do that. Anytime one adds game time by any means it will simply add that time onyo the end of your existing game time thereby extending your total game time, you will lose no omega state time - if that is what you were thinking about.

My problem at the moment is to know which account I’m going to sub for 3 more month… I have 3 runing, and I might keep only one or 2 active, but it will depent which corp I join… So I’ll need a few more days/weeks to really know.

But thanks anyway for your reply, it may help some other people.

Make a petition and ask CCP.

But if you want my random opinion you are fine. It would be bad, maybe even illegal in most places, business practice to sell you a code that expires in just weeks or months. There is no technical reason they can’t honour it a few months from now so I fully expect you would be able to redeem it then.

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