Buying Omega from the website

(Rolf Arntzen) #1

Hello. I have an issue and was hoping for an answer. I have a Steam activated account, and 3 non steam created accounts. when logging in to the website and trying to set up game time on the non steam linked accounts, i get the web note saying all accounts launched through steam have to purchase gametime and plex from steam. the problem is gametime cannot be transferred to another account like plex, and i want to set up a subscription for my website created, non steam linked accounts. Why am i getting this message for these accounts, and not only for the steam linked account?

Thank you and have a good day!

(Boldly Gone) #2

Sounds like you have to launch a ticket with CCP.
Perhaps you have the same email address linked to all the accounts? But that’s an EULA and contract issue.

(ISD Stall) #3

Did you get in touch with customer support?