ESI endpoint for Omega expiration date/time

Please add an ESI endpoint for Omega expiration date/time.

a what? need more info meh dud.

It has to do with the API. Nothing in-game.

so letting someone know when your omega expires in your API tells you what exactly. i thought they made it not possible to say whether an acct is alpha or omega.

I don’t know about 3rd parties getting the information. I suppose if you want to give it to them, you can. But, it’s useful for applications such as EveMon.

ESI is character level-specific information. Your account status, dates of such status, or any account level bonuses (MPTCs) are not, can not, and will NEVER be exposed through ESI. You wont get it. Stop asking. The API was designed this way on purpose. Live with it.


To add some additional clarity here:

The ESI design specifically avoids exposing Account level information. It has no access to account level information.

It only provides character level information. You can infer account status from that (as you’ll see effective skill levels, if they’re alpha) but it’s not possible to use that to tie characters to accounts. Which you could with account expiry times.

CCP have made that decision.


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