EVE Launcher Comments - CCPlease Read!

Since you (CCP) asked my opinion, here it is.

  1. Love the ability to stretch it to a good look and fit on my screen.
  2. Easy to see all of my accounts.
  3. Group Launcher works very well.

Might I suggest a change for the better?

  1. Add each accounts Omega expiration date, plenty of room for it on the same line. Going into the website for each is a pain in the rear end.

Sorry, no Salt in this topic. :slight_smile:


That’s actually a pretty good idea.

CCP, make it so.

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+1 for this idea

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Easy to do, nice QoL bump, no reason not to.

CCP, make it so!

Agreed! Hell, I can’t even find that information in the game.

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Actually that info is listed in the Character Sheet - Pilot’s Services tab.

In the middle of the page it will list the current Clone state and if Omega, will list the expiration date.

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+1 for the idea.

I’ve been looking, seriously, but couldn’t find it. o_O


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