Launcher still not showing Omega Status

My main desktops Launcher has a mix of Omega and Alpha accounts and still is not showing the Omega status for any of the accounts.
On my laptop that only has 4 Omega accounts it is showing the status and how long is left.

Is there anything short of wiping out all the accounts I have logged in to get the status showing?

Still not showing the status for any account

It doesn’t show if you have more than 10 accounts combine omega and alpha

I am begging to get the limit raised, but that is the limit currently

Ah, that wouldnt definetly be the reason.

It has gotten raised to 20 now - still working to get more, but I would imagine they are going to let this last change settle a bit and see how it goes first

Feelsbad since I have 22 accounts in the launcher :frowning: Thanks for the update though Kenneth, quite useful since this was the first Google result when I tried figuring out what was wrong.

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