Survie, Offlined Omega accounts

The last attempt to get some data involving the number of inactive Omega Accounts was locked. So please just let all of us know the number of Omega accounts you have let go in active or will let go inactive once your subscription time runs out. Please keep emotions out of it so the thread does not get shut down and locked. Here, I will go first.

My three Omega accounts are or will be inactive once subscription time has expired.

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I’ve actually added one.


I currently have 3 active and I’m probably going to add a couple more…


Im an alpha mainly cause i cant play atm


I think Zero is the correct answer to this question. It is however a rather tricky question and it sort of sounded like a riddle while reading half way through but at the end I do agree the answer is zero accounts will be active once a omega status subscription is let go.


Yup zero accounts I will let go. Since I run just one singular omega account. I plan on attempting to plex via incursions mainly for at least until I finish college in 2024/start of 2025 :grin:

So many good friends and cool people I have met in EVE. From veterans, priests, doctors, firefighters, airplane mechanics, and more! I will always have a friend in EVE :slight_smile:

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Only have one account since 2017, sometimes I pay for Omega but most of the time it stays on Alpha because I noticed when the account is on Omega I can’t do more than what I do on Alpha besides being able to fly a couple more ships and use a couple more modules so I don’t see the need.


I unsubbed my one main that I kept Omega.

But Im not letting any go, I still play with like three (on Alpha).

Im just not paying Hilmar for nothing.


I have 5 accounts, all were Omega and when CCP started their Scarcity campaign, I un-subbed 4 of them which are currently still in Alpha state. This is my main account which will stay Omega, mainly for skill training and the ability to use all my assets / equipment whenever I log in…


I’ve only ever had 1 account in all my time in EVE :smiley:

Also, OP please stop crying all over the forums.

Just biomass bro. It’s only a vidya game.

If you don’t find it fun, move on.

I simply do not understand why people must go thru this rigmarole.

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A month ago there was a thread that comment that held merit but the window is closing and no reply from OP., giving them the beneath of the doubt here to try and engage with them in another way.

Are you high on something Ice-Pack?


Curse the evil genius that came up with the Weekend fleet pack.

I will go back to Alpha on Sunday one it runs out (again)

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