How many of your Omega accounts did you offline and why

Three omega accounts off lined, waiting for the third to run out of time. Why, lies, price hikes, pandering to special interest groups.

All 3. I bought a drone. :sob:

Sure, I’ll bite. I had six omega accounts that I let lapse after Mobile Observatories were introduced. It became too difficult for me to play, since I could no longer just cloak up and walk away whenever I wanted.

They also buffed the HP on the mining barges at the same time, making it not really viable to just come back to highsec. Whatever. Jesus wept, right?


Still 2, I downgraded before any of this happened.

Still have my 3 Omega accounts and roughly 27 Alpha accounts…

Yeah, I bought the thing about this time last yr. Subs ran out apx new yrs. Cost me 3 yrs subs for 3 accts for the damm thing. CCP has 2 more yrs to pull off something worth coming back after that.

Mobile observatories are easy to circumvent. The only players that have to worry about them are the ones that AFK…

Yeah. My problem is that I have kids. Sometimes they need attention. Before, I could just warp to a safe spot and cloak up and go deal with life. I ran into a few situations where it was challenging to log out because I was being actively hunted.

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Why first.

Endless nerfing.

Nerfing pisses me off.

Thing is nerfing pisses a lot of people off but not everyone is consciously aware of why they are pissed off. Of course that’s true not just in EVE.

How many?

2 Omegas. However, the bigger is before I got sick of the nerfing, I was planning expanding to 6 total.

Not happening now. Most likely never happening.

The two things that drive the most people off are nerfing and ganking, yet many fanbois here and the “administration” itself keep giving both thunderous applause.

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Why do you need 6?

I have 25 alpha gankers that I recycle continuously, and use their ganks to fund my 8 rorqual botter mains.



6 omegas.

I had 8 accounts. 1 “PvP main” (Xuixien), and a host of alts for various stuff. Mostly mining but also suicide ganking and such. The changes didn’t bother me so much, I thought most of them were cool.

But I was unhappy with how they changed WarDecs (didn’t realize how toxic it was until I tried it a few months ago), + the price hike + the flop that was FanFest so I unsubbed 6. I went to FW. Just my PvPer and my hauler/explorer. Don’t need more than that. Never did. The rest were just cuz I loved EVE.

I don’t love EVE as much anymore. Too much of my gameplay has been nerfed or outright removed.


Is under 16k a low number for this timeslot?

I think CCP released data a few years ago that showed North Americans make up like 50-60% of the playerbase. It’s 0930 on the east coast right now. 15k players for this day and time is a death rattle.

The player count can be zero, so long as people keep paying. Nothing to worry about.

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I got out just in time by sheer luck it seems! :upside_down_face:

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I offlined all 14 of my Omega accounts because CCP refuses to do anything about the griefing going rampant in this game. If this game was more like Stardew, I’d spend a lot more money!


That would be an “Interesting” scenario!

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Would be perfect for CCP. They wouldn’t have to worry about breaking fixing anything.