Thought I would share this photo (3 people btw)

And yes ik a lot more people have more Alts but still this stuff crazy :rofl:

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It was always like this.


What is the issue here?

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THAT’S 3 PEOPLE?? Where is the love? The comradery?! It feels so cold and soulless.

But it appeals to people I guess…

Alpha or two omega weekend fleet pass stable Oracles with T1 crystals and have them yolo while you sleep :smiley:

In the discord chat as we talk about our pets while waiting for this to blow up lol

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What exactly is so crazy about it? The fact that people clicked the “create account” button a few times? The fact that some people play on a better computer than a baked potato? The fact that some people can afford several omegas, either ingame or irl (especially now with the free omega?)
It’s still 3 people, so it’s not even like this is a solo. They simply have a bit more firepower for a boring bash than just 1 per player.

Still 2 more than 1

Dude came back and just says the most random stuff lol cool :ok_hand: if it helps with your return enjoy :rofl:


You haven’t said anything in the forums for over half a year and the first thing you say is gibberish :rofl::rofl:

All that money and plex for omega accounts must have been expensive.