I'm not new but its been a while

when I last played I had a plex and when I came back I had one in the plex vault but it’s only worth 2.5 million? am I crazy I remember paying way way more than that. idk I just felt like some of my things were missing too but i can’t rememver that so i can’t say it for sure, i do know my plex money evaporated though. i could play a couple alts free I guess but its so gimped i don’t even want to. idk its not a huge deal I have a few billion ISK but I sure would like that free month I thought I was coming back to.

Man, you missed a lot. Others with more knowage than I will be along to inform you better than I can soon. The “Evil People Who Read the Forums” wont let you down! (private joke kinda)

Welcome back! Your going to regret it! Read as much as you can stand. :smiley:

It’s been so long… 1 Plex used to buy a mo of game time, now it’s 500. You might want to file a support ticket on this? Again, others know more than I.

How long were you away ?

PLEX were made “granular”…one old plex was made into 500 new plex and Aurum was taken out. The new plex now function as currency for game store purchases. 500 new plex gets you 30 days of gametime like one old plex.

Sounds like when old plex was automatically changed to new plex your old plex was changed into just one new plex. Petition that.

since 2014, my names on the monument! :slight_smile:

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You may only play one (1) alpha account at any given time, if you want to run more simultaneously you’ll have to pay for Omega for each of them. - just a reminder :wink:

i did petition it and was told they can’t confirm it so there’s nothing they can do. even tho i bought 1020 plex, used 1000 of them, and i have 21 in the plex vault… but ok i guess…

:confused: Dang that sucks.

Sounds like you got ripped off. Should have been 500 for the one?

yeah, I’m sure if I was botting in low sec they’d probably give me a couple hundred t3 bpos but I’m not so screw me I guess.

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