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I have been away for just a few months and now I am confused with the nature of Plex. The store shows 500 plex but when last I played 1 Plex was 1 Billion ISK. Something has changed?

Can someone explain what happened please and how it works now.

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Also I have just logged on and checked my inventory and I now have a plex vault with 42 plex in it worth 125M ISK? But I cant find my cash from a couple of months ago!

(Erethond) #3

Aurum is gone and PLEX has been “chopped” into smaller parts. 1 PLEX you remember = 500 new plex.

Going with that, you now need to use 500 new PLEX to get a month of subscription instead of the one old PLEX. One new PLEX is obviously worth a lot less than one old PLEX was, but 500 new PLEX are worth more than 1 old PLEX was because there is more you can do with PLEX now than there was before (and more people buying PLEX to buy skins or skill extractors, meaning more demand).

The 42 PLEX you have are most likely from Aurum you used to have in that account. No idea where your cash went.

(Black-Hawk Ellecon) #4

What is Aurum?

(Keno Skir) #5

Aurum is like “special game cash” that CCP tried out a while back. When they decided to split PLEX into 500 pieces and use that as “special game cash” instead they converted everyone’s remaining Aurum to PLEX. You probably have a few PLEX because your account was gifted some Aurum when they were released, and they were later converted to PLEX for you.

EDIT : Your wallet doesn’t show what happened to your cash?

(Black-Hawk Ellecon) #6

My wallet has no history. It just showed a balance and nothing else. I should add that this means that I found my cash as it was in my wallet and I just forgot as I have not been online for a few months.

But I have ended up with an extra 100M isk at least! Don’t know where it came from.

(Keno Skir) #7

Maybe you had something for sale when you last played that sold just before you quit? Dunno, extra 100M is better than missing 100M i’d just chalk it up to good fortunes and maybe bet on the horses today or something.

(Kathern Aurilen) #8

That’s what I’m thinking too. Must had a few things up for sale when he was on last ant and the sale went through since then and the cash was dropped into his account and has been sitting there.

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