Plex to ISK question (returning player)

I understand they canx’d the 3 currency system and broke Plex down to 1/500th to have some granularity.

How does one usually convert to ISK now? Managing the orders to maximize ISk for 500 small Plex seems like super pain in the backside.

I’m basically looking for how best to convert already own’d plex from years ago to some ISK.

At same time I’m also looking at purchasing some skill injectors for use with the 13th day prize.

Separate from that above conversion. What’s the current preferred method for legally (EULA) getting ISK since I can’t just sell a single Plex for a large chunk that lasts me a month or two any more.

(For situational awareness to the question, I’m a casual-ish player with a toddler so I’d rather spend some cash and play what i want vs “work” for isk in my limited play hours)


It essentially still works the same, If I want a sub, I buy 500 plex, when it was just 1 in the old system.

Put it up in one of the citadel trade hubs that has a smaller brokers fee, and it will sell quite quickly, shouldn’t have to baby it that much.

Pro tip: use your plex vault to transport it.

That’s new… I take it that means it’s an impervious vault so i don’t lose plex flying? And it’s not like a Plex bank account where it’s just accessed from anywhere without actual movement.

correct, Right click your plex and Move to vault. Go fly somewhere, then drag plex back out of vault into station inventory.

Can even put plex in vault from Character 1 and pull it out from character 2 (on the same account)

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it is a plex bank account that can be used from anywhere. You can drag and drop plex to/from the vault and item hangar even remotely add plex to the vault from assets. Also PLEX needs to be in the vault to buy from the New Eden Store if you want some skins.

Also the spread on buy/sell orders is pretty small so you are not really losing much selling to buy orders. If you don’t have perfect trade skills you probably even lose money to fees/taxes by using sell orders. Going to jita 4-4 and right click sell is pretty much the easiest way. Make sure to set the order duration to immediate so you don’t pay the brokers fee.

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