Can someone please explain how PLEX works now?

If I buy a PLEX can I still sell in game for isk? I just started playing the game again and low on isk and would like to buy and sell a PLEx. Please let me know

It’s pretty much same as always except plex Is 1/500 the size.

Why do you mean? You have to sell more of them to get the isk of what you us d to get for just one?

CCP recently removed the Aurum currency from the game, and broke up PLEX into smaller units to cover the original purpose of the Aurum (microtransactions in the New Eden Store).

Now, 500 PLEX can be redeemed for game time, multiple character training, or pilot resculpt services. Each individual unit of PLEX now costs roughly 1/500th of the cost of the pre-change PLEX.

500 (new) PLEX = 1 (old) PLEX = 30 days of game time = $20 (they may have “on sale” promotions for lower prices) = 1.6 B ISK on the market (currently).

So, basically 1 (new) PLEX = 3.2 million on the market, and you have to collect 500 of them for the “redeem for 30 days game time” option to be available.


PLEX and Aurum had a baby basically.

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Awesome I have it now :slight_smile: Thank you…

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