History Question: Aurum

I’m an “old” Citizen. Like, 2011 $60 Monocle Debacle oh-and-also Pay $99 For API Access kind of old (which is still young, I know). I didn’t (and don’t) tend to mess with PLEX nor the in-game store, and just stick to subbing and playing the game poorly.

I noticed Aurum is no longer a currency, and 1 PLEX no longer equals 1 month of game time, now they appear to be baby PLEXes (PLEXitos in Spanish or PLEXchen auf Deutsch). When did the old-PLEX to new-PLEX and Aurum-into-PLEX happen, and what were the ratios?

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Old Plex to new plex was 1:500 and it happened in 2017 (500 plex is now one month of game time)

Aurum to new plex was at the same time (I think) and was 1 Aurum to 7 plex, provided you owned more than 1000 Aurum at the time.

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Thanks. That explains why I had massive disappointment coming back years later and finding out the surprise 47 PLEX I had did not mean nearly 4 years of free Eve Online time.

I imagine I got the 47 PLEX from an Aurum conversion though. Otherwise I have no idea where it came from.

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Hmm that’s a little odd. 47*7 is only 329 Aurum, which shouldn’t have been enough (this info is all from stuff I’ve read though, I wasn’t actually there :laughing: )

No worries, thanks for the answers. Guess I’ll chalk it up to a mystery of life.

I think it used to be 1000, but then they backtracked and just converted it for everyone.

Yeah they converted smaller amounts as I have/had it done on a few accounts of mine with small amounts.

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