Launcher should show Omega Time when you login


(Claevyan) #1

When we login to the launcher we need to see how much time we have left as Omega or if our accounts are now Alpha. Ye Olde “Account Expiration” timer of sorts but Omega Expiration.

Here’s a Reddit thread mentioning this.

Alternatively, could we add game time expiration \ Omega expiration back to the API please?

(Chan'aar) #2

Yup this is info we lost when they made the changes to PLEX.

(Kael Decadence) #3

Thanks bud.

(Kael Decadence) #4

I thought that was when this changed.

(Astrid Farnsworth) #5

I wonder if CCP actually look in thiss ection of the forum.

(Hipqo) #6

Using the old API system i can see when my accounts expire in Evedroid.
It should however be added to either the launcher or the login screen for each account.

(CCP Avalon) #7

Moved thread to more appropriate category, since this is a feature request.