PLEX, transaction history

First of all: i am not a forum person and i am here because the GM told me to do so in my ticket. This forum is one of the ugliest i have seen, too. This, of course, is my personal opinion.

Topic: I have logged into my account on the web page, because i have lost overview of my PLEX transactions and i wanted to find out where it all went. That was when i found out, that the transaction history doesn’t show any entries after June 2017. So technically there is no way for me to monitor or proof how PLEX came and went.

It became an issue when i presented another account with Omega time and the automatically generated mail said 1x 30 days instead of 2x.

I am not here to start a discussion on anything. If you are a developer with CCP, this is for you! I want to know where PLEX went as i can see how they came when i bought them from other customers via ISK. Just use the search function on the forum to see that there is a demand for that but the posts get closed by your bots. Also check the forums for the same issue in different languages. I am not the only person to want this (back). i am just the only person to waste his lifetime on that topic on a stupid forum rn. Because customer support ‘cannot help’.

Another thread with the very same issue has just been closed 9days ago.


Hey there, just wanted you to know this has been seen.

I’m passing this along as feedback to the relevant teams.


@CCP_Aurora you maybee also sugest to the team (or an other) finaly bringing a plex transaction history in the vault because we cant even be sure did we got them or when and where did they went

pretty sure the history was promised from ccp now long ago as the plex vault was intruduced
and should be a given if you deal with real world money related items

and can someone bring the seconds in the wallt transaction overview back pls? you removed it without notice, in the eve portal app it is vissible and some players use them for example to optimise fittings, tacics and stuff in pve and compare their effectiviness
could even be a toggle in the window like with isk cents and we all know its not the traffic or serverload who is saved there since the transactions still have to be in order of the right time stamps to function


Thank you, @CCP_Aurora.

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