Account Transaction History Just... Stops

I’m posting because I got an Omega expiring email, even though I was pretty sure I had paid up through December. I went to check my transaction history and my market transactions.

Somehow I can’t get any useful information from my ingame transactions. Even though there is an “order history” tab, I can’t find my PLEX orders to try to sort out how many I bought (and therefore what I could possibly have paid). The New Eden Store has no record of purchases that I can find.

Strangest of all, my Transaction History in my account stops at 2016. I can see all my plex payments up until mid 2016. Then nothing.

I’m sure people will say I must have made a mistake, but I calculated it out to an end date that coincides with my wife’s due date, because I won’t be playing for a long, long time. I’d like to find out if I made a mistake or somehow CCP has. How can I figure this out with no history of anything?

Yes, I submitted a ticket. No answer going on 5 days.

is there anything on the support website showing transaction history?

I don’t understand the question. The transaction history, which shows how you paid for the account, stops at 2016. There is nothing else, nowhere elses.