My Wallet is not loading transactions

I don’t think I’m seeing this exact issue but maybe some things that are similar. I’ve been AFK for the better part of a month and then a few weeks before that. I’m seeing the quantities on my sales orders are incrementing but only very few transactions listed in the “Market Transactions” tab. Granted I’m not selling much but I’m trying to see historical data. Or is there a way to see more information on the transactions listed under the “Transactions” tab?

I thought I remembered that tab being really long and listing stuff way back to my first transaction but maybe I’m remembering wrong. My workbook shows Light Missile Launcher sales back to '13 but the tab "Market Transactions tab only goes back to November 12, 2023. Is there a way to extend out the window of time it displays for or is there something wrong on the CCP side?

I believe you can change the month being viewed in a dropdown near the top of the tab.

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