Multiple wallet issues

Not a big fan of the new UI, but I going to assume half of that is just because it’s new and different so I am going to give it a bit of time to get used to. Besides that though, the only 100% reason so far I would always revert back to the old UI is the Wallet window. I have my wallet window always on-screen but ‘folded in’ (double click on the big ISK “Z”). This would show me my balance, which I find extremely useful since I swap ISK between my toons all the time, but not all the details about transactions or market transactions. In the photon UI you can’t do this anymore though, and even though I found you can still hide all the details by double clicking the window, the minimized bar no longer shows me the contents of my wallet. Making it useless. You also can’t compact your view or change the window size so you can only see the last 5 transactions…again not useful, my market toon has 5 transactions per minute…in the old UI you could see way more:

As a secondary thing (and an actual bug, not a design issue), if you line the top-left corner of the wallet window up to a different window like the (detached) D-Scan or Probe Scanner window and minimize it, it will minimize to the bottom and drag the other window with it. I have video of this if that would be useful, just did not want to share it publicly.

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