Can we get more love for market related UI?

Why are the windows taking so much space ? I like the old UI but since we all have to (eventually) switch to photon UI, I also switched to photon UI even if I don’t really like it.

  1. Wallet window : For the same size, the old UI is showing more transaction than Photon. In the Photon UI, there is a large “waste” space between the isk value and the transaction. Why not also move the Overview/Transactions etc tab back to the left side like in the old UI ?

  2. Modify Order Window : Again, why is the Photon UI so much bigger than the old UI ?

  3. Buy Order Window : More wasted space

Aside from the market UI, why when using the compact mode, we have to click on the 3 dots to get the close option ? Why not just put the minimize and close option next to the 3 dots ?

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  1. Modify Order Window
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  1. Buy Order Window
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  1. Compact mode
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I want to give more likes, but I cannot. :weary:

In that Buy Order/Modify Order windows, it’s not just the wasted space that makes the UI objectively bad. It is also the significantly reduced clarity. It is much less clear which field can be manipulated compared to the old UI. The fields where you can change values are almost indistinguishable from the background. That’s just bad.

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