Less info in same window-area = step back (and too dark)

after trying out Photon i immediately had the impression that the UI itself takes up more space - I could verify this with the market UI - there i see less market-orders in the same window-size.

that, for me, is a real step back - and not only for the market.
i prefer UIs that show much info in small areas, so sadly this is not for me.


it’s all too dark - black input-fields with black borders in black windows being in the foreground above other black windows - really hard to navigate or even see where one window ends.

this is the same with all UI-color themes.

why aren’t there UI-color-themes with wholly different style - brighter in the first place ? this is also true (to a lesser degree) for the old UI.

seeing how buggy and slow the old UI is, i hope this will get changed so i can use it one day . . .


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