Can we fix the wallet

under my wallet can we plz reduce the size of the 3 giant bottens isk/plex/LP so we only have it at the size of one line in sted of the two it is now because they are way to big.

same goes for the bottens to the left why does they have to take op so much space make them smaller and set them on one row in sted of this ■■■■

and why is it that the new overview tap the info in there is not window size responsive it was a nice addetion to the wallet but it looks so crap because it not responsive to the window size so it it doesnt use the space you have so you just get a big empty window


Grab the edge of the window and shrink it down.

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That income/expenses doesnt really add up lol.

What are they doing wrong on the back end?

It’s the last 30 days, if you can’t read.

Here’s a possibility: he had a lot of money before the 30 days and spent a bunch.
Wow, see how difficult that was?

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No fool. I already ran the numbers on it against my own sheets and Jeve. It’s wrong.

Stick to null where you dont have to be good

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so i should resize my window every time i go in to overview because they didnt do their job and made a responsive design when i go back in to market transaction i will have to resize it again to look at all my transaction thats what my problem with it is

and to scoots choco second post he is right i used more then i earned in the last 30days thats why

Perhaps use the market orders window? That’s what I did…

Use this button to make the window use much less space when not in use :slight_smile:


At least you can access your wallet. I get access denied message…

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EvE launcher says slick new wallet UI, I log in all excited to a ■■■■ show of wftccp. Old wallet back please :slight_smile:


Well, the full nw give money screen, have not space for a MESSAGE. Then is less functional than the old.

As example, i transfer “purchase of xxx in character bazaar2” cant put the comment in that screen.


Agree with the OP and would like to add - CCP needs to revert all the recent UI changes asap.


I actually like and welcome the new wallet mechanics and design. The income/ expenses analysis is especially a good addition.

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First world problems…

Please ignore this thread…

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New wallet is garbage. Incoherent. Go back to original ffs or give the option. We need 3 data points from a wallet… ISK in, ISK out and pending market transactions. Whoever came up with this and over-complicated it should be fired for incompetence.


I like that.

It’s like bottom, but because it’s actually “button” it reminds of butt.
Because it reminds of butt, bottens reminds of multiple butts.

Big, nice, round butts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the mental images.



Man, that’s brilliant on so many levels! :open_mouth:

First solution is to ignore you.

Seriously, if you think there’s no issue then stop posting in threads that are created specifically to address an issue.


I did that months ago, the forums are such a better experience for it.

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The overview is exactly that, an overview, you shouldn’t need to stare at it for long periods of time. Quite frankly you shouldn’t need to have your wallet window that large in the first place unless you are taking a look at market transactions as a point of reference.

I am not exactly sure how “responsive” you want the overview to be, you can scale it up to fill the void space in the window but that will look 5 times bigger then the other elements in the window and actually look more like garbage then empty window space. Even if you center it within the element it is in, it still would look disjointed compared to the others.

I know it’s difficult to summon up the ability to do, but try to suppress your OCD tendency because it most likely isn’t going to change. No matter what features or functions CCP adds, there will always be a few dozen or so people that can’t stand it and want it changed, welcome to EVE.

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